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    Why Tech Can And Should Play A Role in Communities 

    The geographic separation of business from the rest of the city in a “downtown” area does not wall-in its impact — and nor should it. 

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    We’re changing the narrative of the patent troll story
    If you’ve been following the patent troll epidemic in the news at all, you’ve probably also heard of the company I work for

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    New company refinancing student debt.
    Benny Joseph is testing one of those fresh out-of-the-box ideas that could cut his $70,000 in graduate school debt and also forge invaluable networking connections with alumni and venture capitalists to help build his own upstart business.

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    JCPenney Returns to Sales Strategy Online.
    One month after JCPenney fired top exec Ron Johnson and brought Mike Ullman back as CEO, the retailer reportedly says it expects year-over-year Q1 revenues to be down 16 percent when it reports to Wall Street next week.

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    Vessel launches its “command center” to help mobile developers kill faulty software.
    Software breaks all the time. Applications are huge, sprawling lines of code that will almost definitely cause problems for users, whether that manifests as broken text, incessant error messages, or some arcane problem that defies explanation.

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    Privacy firms boom in wake of surveillance scandal.
    In early September, when Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg sat down for an interview at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the topic quickly turned to the recent revelations of National Security Agency spying. “The government’s comment was, ‘Oh, don’t worry, basically we’re not spying on any Americans,’ ” he said.

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    CSR goes downstream: Bright Funds to launch charitable giving tool for businesses.
    You’re the giving type, and you care about starving children and clean water and trees and all those things you listed as key concerns on your Facebook profile to make everyone think you’re virtuous.

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